Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How to find RERA verified property in Malad online?

Malad is a neighborhood located in North Mumbai. The Western line of the Mumbai suburban railway is connected with the Malad railway station. The residential area has become the attractive locality for white-collar middle-class people. It is one of the fastest growing localities in Mumbai suburban districts. The area is well-known for its best residential colonies in Malad. It is also known as the IT hub of Mumbai suburbs. You will find many well-developed schools, hospitals, and colleges in Malad. The locality will be soon one of the popular suburbs of Mumbai.
What is RERA?
property in Malad

RERA means Real Estate Regulatory Agency. The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act which is popularly known as the RERA came into force on 1st May 2016. The RERA Act is established for all the real estate groups to provide RERA verified properties. According to the Real estate (RERA) Act, it is mandatory for all real estate groups and builders have to register with the Real estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) to develop the commercial and residential project where the land is more than 500 square meter or eight apartments and provide transparency in marketing and executing the project.
Nowadays almost every real estate group and builders are providing verified properties because of the RERA Act, 2016. This will help the buyer to find verified residential properties in Malad at desired locations.
How to find RERA verified properties online?

If you’re looking to buy flats in Malad west then this is the right time to find the best flats from the RERA verified property in Malad. There is a registration number which is provided for every RERA verified project to real estate developers. The registration number is also provided for the online websites and real estate agents. These are some points which will help you to find RERA verified properties online:
1. Online portals and websites-
In online portals and websites, you can search for RERA verified properties and projects. You can find many properties developed by leading real estate builders. Advanced search options are also provided in online portals and websites to find verified properties in Malad. RERA registration number is also provided for online websites and portals.
Through such online websites and portals, you can select right properties and invest on verified properties at your desired location in Malad.
You can also find RERA registered project details on www.magicabode.com
In this online portal, you can directly click on RERA verified properties and find the information about the verified property in Malad.
2. Project disclosures-
The information that is available on such online portals and websites provide all the details of the projects. They provide details like project name, developer name, address, and the completion date of the project, and RERA number of the project. Through the project details, the buyer can view all verified properties on websites and online portals to buy the best property in Malad at the desired locations.
You can also find the details about well-known real estate groups and builders which are providing details of the RERA verified projects in the nearby locations of Malad.
3. Online access to RERA project details-
Maha RERA website provides you with all details about RERA verified properties and projects in Malad. The details of registered real estate agents are also provided in RERA websites.
Through this website, you can find the RERA verified properties. By adding the RERA registered number of the project or the real estate agent you will get all the project details on the RERA website.
Detailed information of the registered projects is made available to buyers on the Maha RERA website.
Every real estate group in the state has the responsibility to register all real estate projects under RERA Act. No real estate groups or agents are allowed to sell any plot, flats, and apartments to buyers without obtaining the RERA registration number if the area is more than 500 square meter.
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why you should look for the trustworthy builders providing 3 BHK flats in Malad?

Malad is a thriving real estate location for buyers and sellers alike. There are a number of upcoming residential projects in Malad because of the increase in demand for luxurious flats and houses. If you are interested in buying a 3 BHK flat in Malad, you should know these important points and consider doing them before making a decision.

Location and amenities
Do thorough research on the location of the property you are planning to buy. Make a visit to the premises personally, check the locality and be assured of the safety. If you have family members with diverse needs, find out if the social amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping complexes are nearby. Do not forget to calculate the distance between your 3 BHK flat, workplace and the connectivity to rail unless you have found flats near Malad station.

Builder credibility
Once you are done with the research on location, you should look for the trustworthy builders providing 3 BHK flats in Malad. It is very common to hear about the scams and fraud builders in Malad, Mumbai. There are several occasions when the buyer has suffered losses without any reason. Therefore, it is necessary to check the credibility of the builders, their projects, past record of delivery of projects and their financial status to gauge whether they are stable enough to finish the project or not. Also, find more information about the promoters, their background to ascertain credibility.    
RERA registration
RERA is the latest reform initiative in real estate sector. It will play a huge role to help the buyers by exposing fraudulent builders and projects. While dealing with the builders, ask for the RERA compliance and the other documents to know if it is registered. There is now more transparency and accountability on builder’s part and there are guidelines and standards covering all aspects of the property. Under RERA,  all the upcoming residential projects in Malad has to be registered thereby making it easy for you to buy any new properties in Malad without fear of cheating or fraud. Therefore, be advised to buy properties which are RERA registered only.

Flat area
The flat area is another issue which has caused great distress to the buyers in the past. There have always been disagreements regarding the price based on the super area and the carpet area. Under the RERA act, the definitions and the guidelines regarding the area of the flat are addressed. Do match the area of your 3 BHK flat promised in the document and the actual area of your property to avoid confrontations later.

Flat amenities
Many of the buyers complain about the lack of amenities present in the flat or how it is totally different from what they were promised after buying the flat. Since it is a big investment of huge sums of money to buy 3 BHK flat in Malad, you should be well aware of the amenities provided in these 3 BHK flats. Look for the amenities like power backup, water supply, lifts, ventilation and balconies inside the flat. Also, check whether the outside facilities like parking space, gym, playing area, swimming pool and adequate security are provided or not.
Get to know about your 3 BHK flats and have in-depth information regarding each of the points mentioned above. You can find the best 3 BHK flats in Malad at Magic Abode. The platform provides the map option to find amenities near the properties, all the RERA registered builders and projects and a detailed list of 3 BHK flats. We help customers find the best deals in properties since 1985.